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Opportunity is everywhere. Focus your eyes.

If you really want it, it is FOR you

Get a shield. Opinions come from every angle

Potential + Possibility are unlimited

Thoughts = things. Train them to work for you

God first. Second. And Third. 

Value + Contribution = money will come

The smartest people won’t tell you

what your intuition knows.

Don't try to "be" innovative.


Just solve your problems first


 After graduating college and getting into medical school, I decided to cater to my inner entrepreneur.

I experimented with different jobs: Art teacher. Job trainer for immigrants. Campus tour guide. English teacher to international students. Essay writer. Behavioral trainer for kids with Autism. Researcher. Primary caretaker for my aunt with disabilities.

I also learned digital storytelling and photography in Boston and spent 3 months with Dr. Bernard Lown, Nobel Peace Prize winner and inventor of the heart defibrillator, and made a short film about his life.
After testing many things out, the voice inside said, "There's more." So I cold-called my favorite photographer at the time, Steve McCurry, and pitched myself to work for him. It worked. 

the internet

Took a big leap and learned digital marketing in Seth Godin's first 6-month MBA program. 

I realized I had to solve my own problems first & only then help others, so I started with my fear. 


Started Fear.less Magazine, profiling survivors of extreme experiences & thought-leaders on how they overcame fear; Julia Cameron, Howard Zinn, 70+ more. See above in More.

Spent two years working for Seth. Launched books, led events, ran media & press for the Domino Project. Marketed 6 bestselling books, built strategic partnerships, sold digital sponsorships, marketed 100K copies of books, wrote an excerpt in the book, Linchpin.


Started teaching small business owners everything I learned. Made lots of mistakes & no money year one. 


Learned & got better. Learned & got better. Spent 8 years on digital marketing, content, brand building, storytelling. Happy to have freedom to work on what I felt was important & freedom of my time. 

Worked with great clients, spoke on some dream stages, made a good living, collaborated with people I respected. Also lost money, made tons of mistakes, went through heartbreak, grief, uncertainty, and learned the hard way to play the long game. 


I work with creatives & brands to amplify voice, secure partnerships and increase visibility. I also train and teach all aspects of building an online brand. See Work for details.

I take risks and elevate. I'm
unconventional & not everyone's cuppa tea. 

I speak at conferences around the U.S. including TEDx Detroit, Columbia University, Philadelphia Conference for Women, more.

 booking requests and speaking/media info, see Speaking for details.


Hope floats


You CAN solve hard problems 

Confidence is 150% learned 

The Internet has infinite solutions

Your way IS the right way

"They" don't know how to do it either. Trust me.


You'll sleepwalk through life if you don't question it

Truth and popularity don't go together. At all.

Life is school 101. It's up to you to graduate

You’re not an imposter of a great life.

You're the owner of it.


I’m a twin (not identical)
and always make sure to give props to other twins.


I secretly want to be a dancer
and make it a point to dance every day.


My eyes disappear when I smile.

I love jokes. You should always have one up your sleeve. My favorites are here.

Stevie. Marvin. Anita. Earth, Wind, & Fire. Return of the Mack. Hall & Oates. Depeche Mode. Jazz.

Mangoes. The Sun. A Hot Cuppa Tea.

Audre Lorde. Rilke. Gabor Mate. David Goggins. James Baldwin. Pearl S. Buck. Melody Beattie.

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