Opportunity is everywhere. Focus your eyes.

If you really want it, it is FOR you

Get a shield. Opinions come from every angle

Potential + Possibility are unlimited

Thoughts = things. Train them to work for you

God first. Second. And Third. 

Value + Contribution = money will come

The smartest people won’t tell you

what your intuition knows.

Solve your problems first.

Innovation is born from necessity. 


On my way to attend medical school, I decided I'd rather cater to my inner entrepreneur instead. I didn't know what that meant, but the voice inside said, "there's more!" and was loud AF. 

I experimented in different jobs: Primary care-taker for my aunt with disabilities. Art teacher. English teacher & job training for immigrants. Tour guide. Resume and College Essay writer. Behavioral trainer for kids with Autism. ADHD Researcher at University of Michigan. 


My favorite job was teaching at Detroit International Afterschool Program, a new charter that taught underrepresented students technology and language skills. My first mentor, Darryl Sawyers, IASP's brainchild, passed in 2019. He was my first mentor who genuinely changed my life. 


I then spent two years learning digital photography and visual storytelling at New England School of Photography in Boston. I interned with an amazing editorial photographer, Mark Ostow, took a prized photo of ArchBishop Desmond Tutu, and was a photojournalist around the city. Sports fans scared me straight into NYC with big hopes and dreams. 

I landed the opportunity to make a documentary short about Dr. Bernard Lown, Nobel Peace Prize winner and original inventor of the direct current heart defibrillator. I spent months interviewing Dr. Lown, learning from a legit world leader. His wisdom, stories, and impact in medicine, technology, and the fight against nuclear arms was awe-inspiring. I knew anything was possible with enough faith and action. 

Once in NYC, I cold-called my favorite photographer and convinced him I should work for him. He was the only person I wanted to work with. Spent 3 months with Steve McCurry. 


Then one day I read Seth Godin's blog and answered Yes to his Question, "If you could change your life, would you?"


I got accepted to his first Six-month MBA Program and spent the next 6 months with 9 people learning real-world style entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and how to harness the power of the Internet.

This was one of the best learning experiences, but also very intense. I was a beginner with no experience in the industry and confronted a ton of fear and imposter syndrome. I had to learn how to put myself in crucible & perform despite my fears. It was great training.

I also wanted to stop feeling intense fear so I started Fear.less Magazine. I interviewed people in arts, culture, tech, and survivors of near-death experience how they overcame fear. Fear.less grew to 20k people in 2 months and I saw that I wasn't the only one who needed to hear these stories. It's still one of my best resources when I feel fear. You can see the archives of all Fear.less issues and interviews with X,Y,Z here


I’ve interviewed Julia Cameron, Howard Zinn, Tim O’Reilly, Po Bronson, Chris Guillebeau, Leo Babauta, Danielle LaPorte, Robert Thurman, and hundreds more. I started it because I was scared and wanted to see how others dealt with fear, but I didn’t find other stories + advice specific enough. Fear.less is the resource I’d want to read if I felt fear. 

I learned from Fear.less that my passion is exploring ideas people are afraid to-  like uncertainty, fear, shame, and failure. You can read my other multi-media journalism on these topics in my interviews with Guy KawasakiAlan Webber, and Steve Pressfield.

I spent two more years with Seth, running special projects, events, launching books (Linchpin, where I had a featured excerpt in the book) , before doing press and media for The Domino Project, a joint venture with Amazon Publishing. I helped launch 6 bestselling books, including marketing 80,000 copies of “Read This Before Our Next Meeting” and starting my itch for strategic partnerships between content and other industries.  


Then I had to fly solo. The voice inside was growing louder and I knew I had to spread my wings and learn by DOING. 

I started a coaching and consulting business working with entrepreneurs and personal brands. I trained in all the things I'd learned in the last 5 years - digital storytelling, marketing, leadership, high performance, book launches, life coaching, career transitions. I learned that solving my own problems allowed me to help others solve theirs too. 


I've spent 8 years working for myself. I failed bigtime when I first began and didn't understand that being smart and working hard, I had to learn how to use the Internet in a new and different way. 

Working for myself has been one of the most meaningful things in my whole life. It's given me freedom of time, choice, energy, and autonomy I need to feel successful in my life. I choose the projects and people I want to work with, whom I want to give my expertise, skills, and energy to, and the ability to make the contribution I want, and be the decision-maker. 

I've worked on multi-media content and brand collaborations that have led me to 

"You ain't gotta like me, you just mad cuz I tell it how it is and you tell it how it might be." 

For better or worse, I tell the truth. It's the only way I can navigate the world and manage I've always been vocal about what I believe in. It's gotten me into trouble. 

Storytelling - other people's stories, storybooks, autobiographies, lessons learned. Plain and simple stories fascinate me. Many of my most beloved projects and collaborations have been founded in rich storytelling



back on my feet

Potential and Possibility are my drivers. , 

I had to un-learn a lot of the voices of society, culture, family 

After years of listening to other people’s stories, paths, and seeking direction and thinking “maybe other people know how to do it?” I realize now without question that they don’t.

Corner Office

DIA Leadership Program

Back on My Feet


Today I publish Fear.less Magazine and run my consulting business helping people gain confidence, live without fear, and thrive as business owners. Since diving into personal development a decade ago, I’ve spent the last five years helping people specifically build confidence and self-worth enough to pursue their dreams. I work privately with clients who are driven and serious about living up to their potential, teach digital courses on confidence + emotional skills, and write about how to live your best life.

I speak at conferences around the U.S. on entrepreneurship, business, and personal development. I’ve spoken at World Domination Summit, TEDx, Startup Princess, Next Generation Health, Business Growth Summit, Young Female Entrepreneurs, and more. Visit my speaking page for speaking inquiries. I’ve done numerous online interviews, including Prologue Profiles, The Rise to the Top, Marketing Over Coffee, The Creative Penn, and more. I’ve also written for Forbes, American Express Open, Positively Positive, Business Insider, and Shambala Publications.

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You CAN solve hard problems 

Confidence is 150% learned 

The Internet has infinite solutions

Your way IS the right way

"They" don't know how to do it either. Trust me.


You'll sleepwalk if you don't question reality

Truth and popularity isn't a 2-for-1 deal 

Life is school 101. It's up to you to graduate

You’re not an imposter of a great life.

You're the owner of it.

Hope floats


I’m a twin (not identical)
and always make sure to give props to other twins.


Won't Tolerate: Racial Injustice. It lurks in every system from education to business to wealth. Unfulfilled Potential. 

I secretly want to be a dancer
and make it a point to dance every day.


My eyes disappear when I smile.

I love jokes. You should always have one up your sleeve. To hear one of my favorites, click here.

Stevie. Marvin. Anita. Earth, Wind, & Fire. Return of the Mack. Hall & Oates. Depeche Mode. Jazz.

Mangoes. The Sun. A Hot Cuppa Tea.

Audre Lorde. Rilke. Gabor Mate. David Goggins. Pearl S. Buck. Melody Beattie. 

God first. Second. Third.