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STRATEGIC Marketing and sales 

I work with business owners and brands as a strategic thought-partner and operator to increase revenue and results in: brand/digital marketing, sales, business development, and customer acquisition.

I structure partnerships and build deals/offer suites, negotiate terms, source new markets/customer segments, and build powerful alliances with partners. I've worked in
 B2C for 10 years, and in B2B and Fortune 100 market for three years. 

  • Strategic Partnerships & Business Development 

  • Brand, Growth, and Digital Marketing - bottom to top funnel

  • Customer Retention, Demand Generation

  • Content Creation/Marketing, Copywriting, Audience Building

  • Strategic Communications, PR/Media, Speaking Engagements

  • Pricing & Development for Programs, Products, Services 

  • Consultative Sales Strategy & Training (B2B and B2C)

  • Risk Taking and Innovation / Leadership, Confidence

  • Career Coaching - early and mid-stage professionals

strategic partnerships & business development

For a few clients per year, we secure partnerships and amplify visibility in new markets, driving results in:

  • Secure digital sponsorships for products, books, programs with tech companies, industry disruptors, and Fortune 500.

  • Secure keynotes, panels, and speaking engagements within Fortune 500, innovative start-ups, conferences, and associations.

  • Secure creative deals / content partnerships with authors, thought-leaders, influencers, creatives

  • Lead marketing, press, and digital for product and book launches

  • Strategy for partnerships in B2B and Fortune 500 market 

  • Brand audit of online presence, all digital content, programs, audience, thought-leadership profile

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